What's left?

Goodbye to winter! Though the calendar says it's spring,it'll be awhile before I can head out to the garden to pick the ingredients I need for our meals, (especially with this consistently rainy,stubborn cold weather!) So, when the last few squash are on the plate, and the potatoes' sprouts have begun to grow out from beneath the pantry door heading for the garden, it's always surprising to see what I can still rustle up for dinner from our reserves. Though the supply has dwindled , there are still rows of colorful jars filled with summer's bounty,along with plenty of nuts, garlic, a shrinking basketful of still edible onions, and a handful of softening shallots. And then (luckily)there's the modern luxury of the freezer, which holds the memories of sun kissed tomatoes,grill-roasted peppers, many  more meals of shelled beans, sauces of pesto and tomatillos, and berries of every kind for crisps, pies and smoothies to feast upon.