Spring preview.

Upon noticing the date when I'd created the design for this SPRING card, I was chagrined to see that it was not March after all, but April--MID April!

Without a doubt, March has come roaring in like a lioness, wild winds tossing debris through the air, littering our surroundings with twigs, limbs and branches. The next phase after growing some patience is cultivating it, I suppose... But those buds ARE getting fatter, and I know what's in there!

This time of year brings back warm memories of late winter days snuggled on the couch, a child on either side, surrounded by piles of books, the fire crackling merrily in the woodstove of our cozy little yurt as the rain pounded on the roof. A favorite was a book whose name I've forgotten, but I can still freshly recall the illustrations that went along with the promise that 'Spring will come again!', as the little bear families went about their springtime activities; listening to songbirds, observing the first daffodils pushing through the earth,planting seeds,washing windows, splashing in puddles,flying kites... And let's not forget words of wisdom from the adventures of Frog and Toad. I am them these days, peering with expectation around each bend, my head filled with thoughts of faith, hope, and the promise contained in every bud and seed. Time to sow peas.