Growing some patience










About a decade ago, in the depth of winter when I was really craving fresh salad greens, I suddenly recalled back in the day when we used to grow sprouts on the windowsill. I renewed the habit with a fervor, proselytizing to everyone what a great remedy it was for S.A.D.; seasonal deficit disorder,(or lack of S.U.N.).

And indeed it is.When you just want to grow SOMETHING, it's just the ticket, and for  much less than the price of winter lettuce shipped from southern climes, plus a jar and plenty of H2o, and whatever it takes to remember to rinse them a few times a day.

Seed packets gathered and studied, planting guides referenced, 10 day farm weather forecast bookmarked, I continue to scrutinize the thermometer daily .


And as I crunch away on a mouthful of  vibrant green sprouts, I am a little more patient as I wait for the days to lengthen, contemplating the miracle of a seed...