just write, forget the verification

...so, instead of getting tangled up in blues, and hung up on not being able to figure out how to 'verify' my blog, I've decided that I'm wasting precious time, and I'm better off just writing, sharing, and continuing on the path that I've so intentionally chosen. I'm trusting that whoever is supposed to find me, will.

I'm reminded of an 'open space' style conference that I attended some years back. I haven't been to THAT many conferences, but over the years of being obsessed with food security issues, I did go to a few-so I have to admit to feeling skeptical  when at this particular conference the fascilitator described the process of a conference run by it's participants. My cartoon bubble said...CHAOS!..as I politely listened and prepared myself for the ride. I was pleasantly surprised and somewhat shocked to learn that not only was the conference orderly, and satisfyingly efficient, but it ran AHEAD of schedule! A phenomenon I'd never previously experienced at ANY event.

But I digress. One of the things from this conference that has stuck with me this many years later was the posted affirmation: "Whoever is supposed to be here, will be here."

For some reason, that really resonated with me. I'm the sort of person that's a mixture of practicality, diplomacy, reasonability, with a sprinkling of  new age woowoo, and a dash of  I'm not sure, but am open to the possibilities. And that possibility, seemed full of promise. I've always been one to lean towards the school of thought that, to some degree, things tend to work out if you let them.

SO. I'm trying that out. If I wait to figure it all out in an ideal scenario, I could be sol, because there may not even BE computers anymore by THEN! And no one would have been able to benefit from all of my invaluable ramblings about the rhythms of the seasons or have been able to enjoy all of the cool pictures I took to share.

Spring IS finally here, and there's lots happening. Stay tuned for reports on it's progress, photo documentation, and the brewing of new card design ideas!