Time in the seed realm

My good fortune finds me once again spending my days measuring out  and packaging beautiful seeds at Uprising Seeds this time of year. It's impossible not to fall under their magical spell, becoming mesmerized by their ancient wisdom, listening for their stories, watching for lessons and guidance.

Seeds delight me, intrigue me, and baffle me with their sheer diversity.


Seeds teach me humility.

Seeds fill me with wonder, hope and curiosity.

They make me want to turn cartwheels.

Seeds give me a strong sense of place, and have become  an amazingly solid anchor to the place I call home, holding me steady in a world of tumultuous injustices and greed driven ways. 

Seeds nurture the best in me.


Seeds are that powerful.

Seeds are proof that miracles happen, showing us the way as they unfold and transform themselves , defying the unbelievers.

As so profoundly stated in The Declaration of Seed Freedom by Dr Vandana Shiva, "Seed is the source of life, it is the self urge of life to express itself, to renew itself, to multiply, to evolve in perpetuity in freedom."


As partners in the dance of sowing, growing and being nourished by seeds, we have a responsibility to uphold and protect them as the essential treasures they are, being their voice, and ensuring they are cherished and held in reverence in perpetuity. 

For the entire declaration and ways to become involved, visit http://seedfreedom.info/declaration-on-seed-freedom/ 

"Seed freedom is the birth right of every form of life and is the basis for the protection of biodiversity."