LIVE the Dream in 2015

I really can't begin to compete with all the words of wisdom and eloquent sentiments filling the webworld right now. Nevertheless, I still feel the need to contribute my own humble thoughts on the new year stretching out before us.

Foremost is the hope that somehow we can remember to find common ground with our fellow humans, so that we can find peace and work towards  justice. Let us cherish what really matters, and build strong bonds of connection. May the coming year be filled with vibrant good health for us and our loved ones~ which directly leads to my personal anticipation of growing another bountiful garden!

Food is the central point upon which my life revolves, and growing much of what we eat provides not only our daily sustenance, but daily joy and satisfaction beyond measure. Sharing more meals with others will be something I'll be working on this season~ there is so much abundance! This year also holds for me the challenge of finding alternative work to farm work, and the promise of an exciting new chapter. This change for me is monumental, and I admit that I'm scared. I am digging deep for the courage to endure, and trusting that I will find just the right place to continue my journey doing meaningful work.

January is filled with dreams inspired by the possibility of a fresh start, ripe with potential driven by our resolve to try again, fueled by our passions and limited only by our imaginations. 


               Goal for 2015: LIVE the dream!