Some meandering thoughts on gratitude.

Whenever I come across a list of the more random things that someone is thankful for, it always gives me pause to ponder things that make my own life richer, my soul more satisfied, my senses dazzled, and my heart glad.

Designing process.

Things beyond the usual ones that first come to mind, which sort of go without saying. 

So, as our official day of thanks-giving approaches, my thoughts wander to some of the other things that come to mind that I'm grateful for. 

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... the rain that turns mosses to so many impossible shades  green. For the cheerful presence of chickadees, and winter rosehips. For that sparkle in people's eyes when they are pleased. For hugs. For the return of the swans, and yes, the geese as well, with their raucous honking as they pass over in their comings and goings. For a baby's belly laughs of delight, and the innocent curiosity of children. For the wisdom of elders, etched so beautifully into their faces. For fire, and it's sparks, warmth and magic. For the smell of cedar, and fir. For music, and it's ability to pick us up, and transport us to another place and time. For stories. For poetry. For stars and moon. For tears and laughter. For the miracle of seeds, and how deliriously happy they make me. For arugula, and how just the smell of it makes me hungry. For good soil, honeybees and earthworms. For farmers, and farm workers. For good food, grown with intention. For my favorite wooden spoon. For soba noodles and fresh ginger, salt. For the sound of the surf, the power behind it.  For the satisfaction of a big drink of cold water, and a good, deep breath. For the quiet of early morning, the swirling apparition of steam from my mug of coffee, the first sip. For clouds and wind, and sun. For rivers flowing. For salmon! For light and shadow, form, and texture. For art. For winter walks, and winter foods. For the comfort and satisfaction of growing things, feeding folks, and gathering around the table, which brings us back around to all of those things that 'go without saying' that we feel grateful for.

Playing with food. (Then eating it of course!)

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May all be nourished from the abundance that exists.