Still waiting...

Weather wise,we've had a sampling of everything over the past few weeks, (except for sunshine.)

The surrounding native plants and trees seem to be budding and blooming, but if veggies aren't in a greenhouse, they are just sitting there shivering.

The transplants of spinach,kabouli beans, broccoli raab, and cabbages haven't changed in 2 weeks, I swear. The peas are growing, but not as fast as they usually do. The last of the overwintered spinach came out of the cold frame this weekend, enjoyed the

first handful of arugula,the cutting lettuce is just about ready. And I'm tucking the next lettuce in there instead of outside. It's the end of April! I want salad! Every day.

Started work at the farm this week, but we weren't harvesting buckets-ful of asparagus, as we typically would be by now.

Since the weeds don't care if the sun's out,  we spent 4 hours a day on our knees crawling down row after row of asparagus beds, getting a jump on those tiny little bindweed forests before they take hold and begin their strangulation of the spears.We had plenty of encounters with thistle, quack grass, horsetail and dandelion as well, the thrill of pulling occasional foot long unbroken roots breaking up the monotony of the work. I won the prize for the week though, with a horsetail root taller than me! (Imagine the 'fish was THIS big' pose here!)

So for now we only dream about the taste of the season's first asparagus, gazing longingly at California food blog pictures of luscious asparagus recipes, because here in northwest Washington, we're still waiting.