Season's Gleanings: Year two!

My daughter Sierra set me up to start this blog  over a year ago, in support of my venture in creating card designs that will supplement my  income from farm work. Despite the long gap in postings, I feel that those first ones reflect the beginning, the place where all good stories start, so I will leave them for those who want to start there.

I've been blogging in my head since that last entry, thinking that until I got my cards available online , that I wouldn't be able to fully share the purpose and 'going's on' of my Season's Gleanings blog and it's related stories.

I hope you'll join me to celebrate Season's Gleanings second 'birthday' , and come along on the journey with me as I find my way. Check out my first batch of cards on Etsy. They're from my 'heart' collection, in honor of, well, you know that holiday that's coming up.